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Wages Protection System (WPS)

Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay workers’ wages via banks. It ensures that the employees are paid their salary by the employers through the banking channel, which is processed through the direct credit module system developed by the CBO. The WPS module promises to satisfy the reporting requirements for CBO & the Ministry of Labor (MoL). The system, developed by the Central Bank of Oman, allows the MoL to create a database that records wage payments in the private sector to guarantee the timely and full payment of agreed-upon wages. The WPS covers all institutions registered with the Ministry across all sectors and industries and will benefit different categories of labor.

WPS targets the following parties:

  • Workers: each and every individual who works in the private sector in return for agreed-upon wages and who has a labour card issued by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Employers: whoever owns a company or institution registered with the Ministry of Labor and hires one or more workers in return for agreed-upon wages
  • Banks: the financial institution which the employer has a bank account with, which is used to transfer the wages amount through WPS to distribute to the labours.

Joining WPS requires:

  • The company needs to be registered as corporate entity with valid commercial registration with Ministry of Commerce & Industry & the Ministry of Labor; The Company should have a bank account with one of the banks operating in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The company can avail WPS services either by submitting secured salary file format salary submitted to any branch and/or by registering to our online banking services.
  • The company transfers its employees wages by submitting WPS processing request to its account bank by using its CBO complied published SIF templates or through online banking.
  • Alizz Islamic Bank act as salary processing bank for registered employers who have accounts with alizz islamic bank only, it processed wages to company employees accounts only who have accounts with alizz islamic or any domestic bank.
  • For the salary payment to be processed through the WPS system, the employees must make sure that they provide their full banking details to their employers otherwise the WPS system will reject the entire payment file, and the amendment will have to be done by the employer in new salary submission.
  • Salary Information File “ SIF” contain minimum mandated information by Central Bank of Oman & Labor. Employers to fill mandatory details. The bank developed Tools, templates with validations supports employers to meet standards of data entry into these files, templates.


To register & request WPS salary processing service please go through the following steps:

  • Go through our WPS General Terms & Conditions
    WPS General Terms & Conditions

    ,also available through online banking & on bank SIF templates upon WPS processing request.

  • Download & Save the electronic SIF template which is in PDF or Excel format from our official website>Wholesale>Wage Protection System.”below”.
  • Input the complete required salary information records one by one, amend/delete incomplete records when required.
  • Click Print & Generate for Excel file or Create Salary file for PDF
  • Email the generated/created file to Salary@alizzislaic.com email group.
  • Print the generated/created file, sign & stamp, submit the request to the nearest Alizz Islamic bank branch for processing
  • For cases where amendments is done, its required to follow the steps 4-6 again

You can refer to the Ministry of Labor web site for details on subscribing to WPS on https://www.manpower.gov.om/pages/ABOUT-WPS kindly note that this link is for employers only. And other official informative publications https://omanportal.gov.om/wps/wcm/connect/EN/site/home/gov/gov22/WPS/


What is WPS?
The Wage Protection System is a comprehensive electronic system between the Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank of Oman. The aim is to protect the manpower (national and expatriate) that is legally prescribed for them and to ensure that their wages are received within the specified period, as well as providing a documented database on the wages of private sector employees
What do I need as an employer for WPS?
The employer must update data of the Omani manpower`s wages, through the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI), and consequently this data will be automatically updated at the Ministry of Labor. As for the non-Omani manpower, their wages` data is updated through the service " Amendment of occupations and wages" which could be accessed through the E-portal service of employers at the Ministry`s website. The employer should also transfer wages through the use of the single wages file.
What is the WPS File Format and Guidelines?
Click here to view WPS Format and Guidelines
Is the conversion of wages in the new standard form compulsory?
Yes, all private sector establishments are required to transfer their employees' wages, through this new format, as local endorsed banks in the Sultanate will not receive wages` files in other formulas.
Is the modernization of wages for Omanis in the General Authority for Social Insurance reflected on the data of the Ministry of Labor?
Yes, when updating the data in the General Authority for Social Insurance, the data are automatically reported at the Ministry of Labor so that the basic wage and allowances data for the registrar are not less than the Ministry's database, except those with a pension fund independent of the General Authority for Social Insurance.
Is there a certain date in the month to convert wages?
The conversion must be the month's wages before the seventh day of the following month.
Is the company being held accountable if it transfers a wage to a worker higher or lower than that registered in the contract documented in the ministry?
No, where the establishment to explain why the transfer of wages according to the Registrar in the Ministry, but the worker has the right to submit a labor case if the conversion of the wage less than the contract of work.
How does the employer avoid wage differences from what is registered in the Ministry's database?
The continuous modernization of the wages of the non-Omani workforce through the Ministry's website. As for the people, the update is automatic through the association with the General Authority for Social Insurance.
What is the formula for the wage information file?
The Salary Information File “ SIF” is in pdf and Excel format. All fields are based CBO validations and calculations of amounts automated.
Can the file be converted in any other format?
No, not possible.
How do I name my standard wage file?
The Salary Information File SIF name generation is taken care automatically by the file upon its generation/creation.
Can I change the file name?
The file name cannot be changed, the file name must be according to the data in the file format.
Is it possible to transfer the employee's wages for more than one month in one file (for example, if the employee leaves the regular vacation and is awarded the following month's salary)?
No, the employee's salary cannot be converted for more than a month into a single file, since each file is for only one month. In case the employer wishes to transfer the wage of the worker for more than one month, each month must have a separate file.
What are the conversion cases that must be established to create a separate file?
If there is a payment for more than one month, each month must be in a separate file. When the payment type is different, for example, when a group of workers is paid, and there is a worker or group of workers with an end of service, the wage transfer file is separated from the end of service file.
Does the system accept the transfer of wages other than Rial Omani?
Can I use the zero in the extra hours, the extra income box and the discount column if there are no values or leave blank?
Yes, in the absence of extra hours, deductions, or additional income, or others, a (zero) value must be put in the boxes, which should not be left blank.
Do I have to sign new WPS Agreement with alizz islamic bank?
Yes, registration with MOL & agreement with Alizz Islamic Bank is part of the monthly WPS processing request. Hence, its signed on its submission. In addition, agreement is also available for the registered online banking customers to view & agree.