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Alizz Islamic Bank’s treasury division provides a comprehensive range of shari’a complaint treasury and investment products to the retail, corporate, commercial and government institutions. Our highly experienced team can help you achieve optimum efficiency, reliability and above all, Customer satisfaction.

In today's financial markets, with increasing volatility and growing uncertainty, the need for risk management and hedging solutions based on Shari'a-compliant principles becomes ever more important.

The mission of alizz islamic bank's Treasury is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous financial innovation by providing world- class financial solutions to our customers' increasingly sophisticated needs. It is this focus that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Treasury is staffed by dedicated professionals whose aim is to provide products and financial solutions that assist in managing customers' potential financial risks. We look to meet those requirements by creatively combining foreign exchange and capital market products, in a Shari'ah compliant manner.

We are also synced to the Foreign Exchange markets. Our dealers continuously track the global markets and provide real time advice to our customers on exchange market and financial markets.

At Alizz Islamic Bank you can take advantage of our foreign exchange Spot and Wa'ad exchange services to meet your Foreign Currency requirements.

Spot refers to an agreement to purchase or sell one currency for another at an agreed exchange rate on spot basis.

In Wa'ad transaction, we can help you to conclude a buy or sell contract that to be executed in the future predetermined date. A Wa'ad foreign exchange transaction allows hedging a future exchange rate volatility risk to meet your future obligation in accordance with a Shari'a-compliant arrangement based on Wa'ad.