Trade Services

Our Sharia compliant Trade Services will help you to foster your business trading environment where you can be sure of timely payments from your buyers and minimize concerns about paying your suppliers. Our products provides instruments for you to fulfill your imports and exports of goods and service needs. The products also provide financing your business working capital needs to facilitate your business growth. Choose from a suite of products including letters of credit, documentary collection and letters of guarantee. With completely transparent processes, your transaction and account status will visible to you at all times. What's more, our talented team of professionals will help smooth your path to conducting your business with suppliers and buyers.

Islamic Contract/Structure Trade Finance Products
Murabaha / Wakala Import Letter of Credit Murabaha Letter of Credit
Wakala Letter of Credit
Standby Letter of Credit 
Export Letter of Credits Letter of Credit Advising
Letter of Credit Confirmation
Kafala Letters of Guarantee Advance Payment Guarantee
Tender Bond (Bid Bonds)
Performance Bond
Payment / Financial Guarantee
Retention Guarantee
Shipping Guarantee
Murabaha / Wakala Import Documentary Collection  Import Bills Handling / Financing
Import Bills Avalization
Wakala Export Documentary Collection Export Bills Handling