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A fund transfer (also sometime referred to as a wire transfer) is an electronic payment service for transferring fund from a remitter’s account to beneficiary’s account.

Domestic transfers within Oman are performed through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement System) or ACH (Automated Clearing House system).

Internationally fund transfers are done through SWIFT. Accordingly, these are also referred to as Swift transfer, International fund transfer, and cross-border fund transfer.

International transfers

Domestic transfers

  • Your Alizz Islamic Bank account number
  • Receiver's information:
    • Full name
    • Bank account number
    • Bank name
    • Purpose of payment
  • Use Alizz Islamic Bank’s internet or mobile banking application
  • Visit any of Alizz Islamic Bank’s branch

Alizz Islamic Bank's BIC/ SWIFT code IZZBOMRU should be used for incoming international fund. Where required, please use the following address:

Alizz Tower
753, Central Business District
Ruwi, PC 112
Muscat, Oman

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is the international standard for identifying international bank accounts across national borders.

The IBAN is comprised of alphanumeric characters of different lengths, for example 23 in UAE, 24 in Saudi Arabia, 27 within Europe (German IBAN: 22 characters). At present, Oman does not participate in IBAN. Therefore, Alizz Islamic Bank does not have an IBAN number.

When sending wire transfers to countries that have IBAN numbers, we recommend including those numbers in your telex transfer request. To obtain the IBAN numbers of another bank, please visit that bank's website or contact them directly to obtain that information.

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