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We at Alizz Islamic Bank are proud to give you Shari'a compliant personal finance to help you reach your goals. It is designed to help you finance your goods, be it furniture, electronics, equipment or other household appliances. Using the Islamic principle of 'Murabaha' you can acquire a variety of goods from us at the most competitive prices.

  • Open to Omanis & Expatriates
  • Easy processing & simple documentation
  • Attractive profit rates
  • 100% finance of service value
  • Available to employed and self-employed individuals
  • Minimum salary transfer of OMR 350 for Government employees and OMR 350 for employees of private companies.

Under the Goods Murabaha Product, the bank will at the customer's request purchase the goods from the authorised dealer and sell the same to the customer at an agreed price. The advantage is that you know the bank's profit mark-up and installment at the time of signing the deal, and it never changes throughout the financing term. This arrangement allows for immediate possession & ownership of the goods.

  • No Objection Letter
  • Salary Transfer Letter to be addressed to Alizz Islamic Bank
  • Salary Certificate (Gross Salary & Date of Joining)
  • Salary Slip of 4 Months (If available)
  • Stamped bank statement of last 6 months
  • Quotation from the dealer addressed to Alizz Islamic Bank
  • Finance Processing fees OMR 25
Terms & Conditions Apply

Click on the relevant links below to print the forms that you require. For your convenience, these forms are to be completed and submitted prior to visiting the Branch, along with the relevant documents for further processing.

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Approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board

All Alizz Islamic Bank products and services are approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board.

To view the fatwa issued by Shari'a Supervisory Board authenticating compliance of the product please check the following link: Certificate