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We at Alizz Islamic Bank are proud to work with you to ensure the car you have always wanted becomes a reality. Our Auto Finance based on the principles of 'Murabaha' makes it easy and simple. With competitive profit rates and a fast approval process, we take pride in helping you fulfill your wish in the easiest way possible.

  • Open to Omanis & Expatriates.
  • Easy processing and simple documentation.
  • Up to 80% finance
  • Competitive profit rates
  • Easy finance period for up to 7 years for new cars, and maximum 5 years for used cars
  • Available to employed and self-employed individuals
  • Minimum salary transfer of OMR 350 for Government employees and OMR 350 for employees of private companies.
  • Available for salary transfer and non-salary transfer customers

With Salary Transfer

  • No Objection Letter
  • Salary Transfer Letter to be address to Alizz Islamic Bank
  • Salary Certificate (Gross Salary & Date of Joining)
  • Salary Slip of 4 months (If available)
  • Stamped bank statement of 6 months
  • Processing Fee

Without Salary Transfer (Government Employees only)

  • Salary Certificate (Gross Salary & Date of Joining)
  • Salary Slip of 4 months (If available)
  • Stamped bank statement of last 6 months
  • Post Dated Cheques (Based on the agreed finance period)
  • Finance fee OMR 25
  • Quotation from the dealer addressed to Alizz Islamic Bank
  • A copy of drivers ID Card & License

    Terms & Conditions Apply

Our Auto Finance is based on the Shari'a principle of Murabaha. A contract that involves the sale of an item on a deferred basis.The bank purchases the car based on the customer's request & promise and then sells it to the customer at the cost plus the agreed profit rate, thus concluding the Murabaha Sale Contract. The car is delivered immediately and the payment is made through easy installments.

Click on the relevant links below to print the forms that you require. For your convenience, these forms are to be completed and submitted prior to visiting the Branch, along with the relevant documents for further processing.

Download Form

Approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board
All Alizz Islamic Bank products and services are approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board.

To view the fatwa issued by Shari'a Supervisory Board authenticating compliance of the product please check the following link: Certificate