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We at Alizz Islamic Bank are proud to partner with you to make your money work harder through our Term Investment Deposit. Based on your financial objectives, we take pride in helping you grow your money through flexible, short or long-term investments. Shari'a compliant investments that earn you profits, based on the principle of 'Unrestricted Mudaraba'.

  • Profit payment on a monthly basis
  • Flexible Tenure (Tenure of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months or more)
  • Minimum deposit of OMR 400
  • Optional automatic renewal of the principal amount
  • Available in multiple currencies

Our Term Investment Deposit (Mudaraba) is based on the Shari'a principle of 'Unrestricted Mudaraba'. Under 'Mudaraba' principle the customer will provide the capital to be invested for a fixed period and the bank will act as a Mudarib 'entrepreneur' using its expertise. The bank pools all customer funds along with its own capital and invests it in Shari'a compliant investments for a specified investment term and expected profit rate. The resulting profit is shared between the bank and customers according to predetermined mutually agreed ratios.

  • Signed application form
  • Resident Card for both Omani National and Expatriate
  • Passport with valid visa page for Expatriate
Terms & Conditions Apply

Click on the relevant links below to print the forms that you require. For your convenience, these forms are to be completed and submitted prior to visiting the Branch, along with the relevant documents for further processing.

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Approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board
All Alizz Islamic Bank products and services are approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board.

To view the fatwa issued by Shari'a Supervisory Board authenticating compliance of the product please check the following link: Certificate