Contactless Cards FAQs

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What is the Alizz Islamic Bank contactless card?
Contactless cards area secure method for consumers to purchase products or services using a debit card by using RFID technology or near-field communication (NFC). Having an Alizz Islamic Bank contactless card is like having exact change wherever you go. There is no need to withdraw cash, just a simple tap of your card is all it takes to pay at checkout.
Where can I make contactless payments?
You can make contactless payments anywhere that a contactless symbol POS machine is available.If the POS machine has a contactless symbol displayed on it, then it is enabled for contactless payments.
How do I get my contactless card?
You will automatically receive a new contactless card when your existing card expires. If you would like a contactless card sooner, please visit your branch and request for one. (For any card replaced before current card expiry date,card replacement charges will apply)
Why aren't Chip and Pin required?

To ensure that using contactless is as simple and convenient as cash, merchants that accept contactless cards do not require you to sign in for small purchases.

  • The maximum limit per a single transaction is OMR 40/-. If your transaction is greater than OMR 40/- you will be prompted to enter your PIN.
  • You can carry out 10 consecutive contactless transactions or a maximum of OMR 100 per day. The 11th transaction or more than 100 OMR per day will have to be a PIN based transaction
How does the contactless card work?
Contactless cards use a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After you tap your contactless card at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the Mastercard network.
Why should I use contactless?

There are many benefits to contactless payments:

  • It's like having exact change wherever you go, so you don't have to worry about carrying around cash or looking for smaller notes
  • You are in control because your contactless card never leaves your hand at checkout.
  • You get better record keeping of all your purchases than you do when using cash.
  • It's fast and ideal at places where speed is essential, like fast food restaurants, petrol stations, pharmacies and more.
How do I pay with an AlizzIslamic bank contactless card?
To make a purchase, simply look for the contactless symbol at a POS machine and place your card above the POS machine to pay quickly and securely. The card does not need to touch the machine but needs to be close to the POS machine, the distance from your card to the POS machine should be within 4cms.

8Can I use my Alizz Islamic Bank contactless card on POS machines that do not display the contactless logo?
You can only make contactless payments on contactless payment POS machinesthat display thissymbol .
How will I know if the transaction is successful for my contactless card?
You will receive a charge-slip from the merchant, receive an SMSon the registered contact details& receive a notification on the Alizz Islamic Bank Mobile Banking application once the transaction is successful.
How close does the 'tap' have to be to the POS machine?
When you tap your card at a POS machine, it must be within 4cms of the contactless symbol on the POS machine at the counter. Please note that if you have more than one contactless card in your wallet, you should remove the specific card you would like to use rather than tapping your wallet against the POS machine.
What will happen if I wave the contactless card twice at the POS machine? Will I be charged twice?
No, even if the card is tapped more than once at the POS machine, you will only be billed once for the purchase.
What if I am passing by a POS machine and a contactless transaction is taking place?
The contactless technology works only when the card is waved at a maximum range of 4 cms. Hence, even when walking in close proximity to the POS machine, no accidental transaction can take place and the cashier must first enter the amount on the POS machine before the card is tapped and payment is processed.
How will purchases appear on my monthly statement?
Purchases made with Alizz Islamic bank contactless cards will be displayed on your statement just like any other purchase you make with a card.
Do I have to treat my Alizz Islamic bank contactless card in any special way?
Treat your contactless card as you would any other credit and debit card. Always know where your contactless card is and keep it in a safe place. And be sure to keep a record of all of your card numbers, expiration dates and emergency phone numbers.
Do I need to turn it on/off?
Alizz Islamic Bank contactless cards are always an on and ready to use.
Is it safe?
Contactless cards are extremely secure. Alizz Islamic Bank contactless cards use the same secure technology as Chip and PIN so you can feel totally confident when you're using them to pay.
What happens if I exceed the allowed number of transactions?
You can still make contactless transactions but you have to first conduct a chip & PIN transaction first. If you have exceeded your allowed number of transactions, you will receive an SMS to perform a chip and PIN transaction. You can then carry on conducting contactless transactions for 5 consecutive transactions.
Can contactless cards be used for online or over-the-phone purchases?
You can use your contactless card as a normal card online. There is no change to your regular Internet and Over-the-phone payment transactions & you will continue to receive your secure OTP (One-Time-Password) to complete the transaction.
Are there any additional fees for using the contactless?
No, there are no additional fees for using a contactless card.
What do I do if my contactless card has been lost or stolen?
If your card is lost or stolen you should notify us as soon as possible by contacting our call center on our toll free number 8007 2265 &or on +968 24166000 for international calls.