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Based on the Shari’a principle of Mudaraba, Bushra Prize Savings Account offers you the best possible returns and the chance to win big cash prizes. Secure your future by saving money with us, while your savings are invested in Shari'a compliant financing to create the best possible returns. Also, get the chance to be one of our lucky winners with daily draws, weekly draws, monthly draws, quarterly draws, annual mega draws and special prizes as hiba (gift) from the shareholder’s funds. To enter the draws, all you need to do is open a Bushra account with a minimum balance of just 100 OMR. So start saving and win big!

  • Account can be opened by both Omani Nationals and Expatriates
  • Available in OMR only
  • Minimum OMR 100 is required to open a Bushra Prize Savings Account
  • By maintaining a minimum average balance of OMR 100 in your Bushra account throughout a certain draw period, you would be eligible to take part in the respective draw
  • Every OMR 100 gives you 1 chance to win in each draw, increase your savings to increase your chances of winning

By meeting the criteria of maintaining the average balance in your Bushra Account you will get chances to win

Daily Prizes

OMR 100 each for 10 Winners

Weekly Prizes

OMR 500 Each for 10 Winners

Monthly Draw

OMR 25,000 Each for 3 Winners

Monthly Draw for Men

OMR 500 Each for 17 Winners (One from Each Branch)

Monthly Draw for Women

OMR 500 Each for 17 Winners (One from Each Branch)

Monthly Draw for accounts opened through the Alizz Islamic Bank Mobile Banking Application

OMR 100 Each for 17 Winners

Quarterly Draw

OMR 50,000 Each for 3 Winners

Quarterly Draw for Employees of the Ministry of Education

OMR 500 Each for 3 winners

Quarterly Draw for Employees of the Ministry of Health

OMR 500 Each for 3 winners

Quarterly Draw for Employees of the Royal Oman Police

OMR 500 Each for 3 winners

Quarterly Draw for Employees of the Ministry of Defense

OMR 500 Each for 3 winners

Quarterly Draw for Pensioners

OMR 500 Each for 3 winners

Half Yearly Draw

OMR 100,000 for 1 Winner

Half Yearly Draw for Tharwa Customers

OMR 10,000 Each for 3 Winners

Yearly Grand Prize

OMR 150,000 for 1 Winner

*There are no monthly draws when there is a quarterly, half yearly or grand draw

  • Profit payment on a Monthly basis
  • Debit Card with same day issuance and collection
  • FREE Online Banking, Mobile Banking & SMS Alerts

Bushra Prize Saving account holders will be eligible for a loyalty bonus point that will be added to their number of chances to enter the draw. It is rewarded when a customer maintains or increases the monthly account balance. Bonus points are calculated based on last month's total chances, provided that customer maintained average minimum balance. A withdrawal limit is applicable up to %20 of account balance. In case the customer exceeded that limit, NO loyalty bonus points will be added for that month and the calculation of the bonus points will restart at the following month onwards. Loyalty bonus points are added to the monthly, quarterly, and annual draws only.

Click on the relevant links below to print the forms that you require. For your convenience, these forms are to be completed and submitted prior to visitiang the Branch, along with the relevant documents for further processing.

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To apply for a Bushra Prize Savings Account


Approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board

All Alizz Islamic Bank products and services are approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board.

To view the fatwa issued by Shari'a Supervisory Board authenticating compliance of the product please check the following link: Certificate

Watch a video about the Bushra Prize Savings Account 2021 Prize Scheme!

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