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The number of cash prize winners so far in 2021 from Alizz Islamic Bank’s Bushra Prize Savings Account has been 2078 winners. There is also more draw to come with 1,614 be winners during the second half of this year.

During the first half of the year, Alizz Islamic Bank conducted various draws, ranging from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly. Additionally, the bank will conduct the grand prize for OMR 150,000 at the end of the year.

Bushra Prize Savings Account was designed to meet customers’ expectations and in 2021 Bushra Prize Saving account is bigger and better, with an increase in the total cash prizes from OMR 1.85 million to OMR 2 million. The number of winners was also increased to 3,692 winners.

Alizz Islamic Bank’s Bushra Prize Savings Account has brought joy and happiness to a variety of customers who have won earlier, and the account has brought good tidings and relieved many of stress. Some of them were able to build a house, others were able to seek medical treatment and much more.

In appreciation and gratitude for their indispensable sacrifices as front-line workers during COVID-19, Alizz Islamic Bank has special quarterly draws for employees of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Oman Armed Forces and the Royal Oman Police with 3 winners from each entity every quarter winning 500 OMR each. Pensioners also have a chance to win in the special quarterly pensioners draw whereby 3 pensioners have a chance to win OMR 500 each.

A special draw will be held to mark Omani National Day, where 51 lucky winners will win OMR 500 each. This is in addition to the daily draws of OMR 100 for 10 customers, weekly draws of OMR 500 for 10 customers and monthly draw of OMR 25,000 for 1 customer in addition to the quarterly draw of OMR 50,000 for 1 winner, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to win.

Customers of the Bushra Rewards Savings Account can benefit from services such as obtaining an instant debit card, online and mobile banking, and SMS alerts for any transaction.

The Bushra Prize Savings Account is Oman’s first fully Shari’a-compliant prize savings account offering daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cash prizes as hiba (gift) from the shareholders’ fund. The minimum amount required to be eligible for the draws is only OMR 100, and customers also receive monthly generated profit on their deposited amounts. Every OMR 100 gives the customer one chance to enter the draw, and the more money deposited in the account, the greater the chances of winning. The account comes with many benefits such as obtaining an instant debit card, online and mobile banking services, and SMS alerts for any transaction.