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Next Monday... Launch of the Symposium on “Omani Efforts in Quranic Studies”

As part of Manar Alizz events, Alizz Islamic Bank will hold a symposium entitled “Omani Efforts in Quranic Studies” next Monday in Al-Shahba Hall, University of Nizwa under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohammad bin Saeed Al-Maamari, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. This symposium is organized in collaboration between Alizz Islamic Bank and the University of Nizwa with the aim of highlighting Omani significant contributions throughout history to the leading intellectual and scientific achievements, which had prestigious impacts on science, civilization and history that were highly appreciated by scientists, scholars and researchers.

Moreover, the symposium has a number of important objectives, including educating the younger generation about Omani achievements in the field of Quranic Studies, in the past and nowadays, highlighting Omani talents that have a pioneering standing among scholars of the Islamic Nation and identifying past and present contributions of Omanis in fields of Quranic sciences, in addition to encouraging researchers to study this issue in detail.

The symposium will discuss a number of key themes covering various topics, notably the Omani achievements in the fields of interpretation of the Holy Quran, Quranic readings (Qiraʼat), narration and knowledge, whether in the past or presently, I'jāz al-Qur'ān, and in various Quranic sciences. These themes are explained by a number of knowledgeable researchers and scholars in these fields who have different contributions in this regard.

It should be noted that there are remarkable Omani contributions in different fields of Quranic Studies, so it is a scientific and national duty to identify them and explain such contributions to researchers and scholars. The symposium will also discuss the difference between the ordinal and objective interpretation of the Holy Quran, along with explaining the importance of objective interpretation in the modern age and its relation with modern sciences, in addition to highlighting the role of Omanis in the fields of Quranic sciences and spreading such knowledge to different countries of the world. In fact, the Quranic sciences have played an important role, throughout Islamic history to date, in enhancing the correct understanding and contemplation of Islamic verses and meanings, as well as helping to identify Islamic rulings, and increasing the religious and faith awareness of Muslims, which is a good opportunity to recall the Omani heritage in spreading different sciences all over the world.

The symposium is one of the events organized by Alizz Islamic Bank as part of its social responsibility commitment to promote religious disciplines to benefit scholars, researchers, preachers and students, and reflects its interest to instill the Holy Quran in the young by experts.

Alizz Islamic Bank will continue its mission under its initiative to spread awareness, “Manar Alizz”, by expanding these various events across other governorates and Wilayats of the Sultanate as part of its strategy towards intangible assets.