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At Alizz Islamic Bank, we believe in providing the best customer experience as part of our strategy to build a long-term relationships with our customers. We take pride in serving you and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you have any suggestions, inquiries, feedback we would love to hear from you.



Code of Ethics and Fair Practices

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Alizz Islamic Bank SAOC is one of the first full-fledged Islamic banks licensed to operate in Oman. With commitment to offer customers advanced, state of the art banking experience in compliance with Sharia rules and principles The Bank has been continually focusing on maintaining human capital and best technology to ensure the delivery of exceptional, responsive customer service. The bank is committed to offering complete transparency in processes, innovative products and solutions that are guarded by Sharia guidelines to cater the diverse needs of both wholesale and retail customers.

Unless it says otherwise, all parts of this Code are applied, whether by the branches across Oman, over the phone, by post mail, through interactive electronic devices, on the internet or by any other method.

We commit to:

  • Provide financial solutions in compliance with Sharia rules and principles.
  • Deliver superior customer experience and maintain high level of service delivery standard across all of our customer touch points/channels
  • Design and offer products and services that are designed to fulfil the banking needs and requirements of our customers in compliance with Sharia and any other related laws in Oman and the regulations stipulated by CBO.
  • Conduct ourselves with highest level of integrity and transparency.
  • Respond to our customer’s queries and requirements transparently.  
  • Simplify our procedures to provide uncomplicated process at optimum quality and speed of service delivery.
  • Deliver timely and adequate information about our services and products through different channels.
  • Offer various channels to reach and contact us to obtain information or raise/share any complaints and feedback.
  • Provide the information in bilingual format.
  • Provide information and help our customers choose products and services according to their needs by giving clear information and the terms and conditions applicable to the requested product or service. 
  • Explain the key features, benefits, profit rates and associated charges of the services and products.
  • Clearly state the information that we require to collect from the customer to fulfil our KYC and application process in compliance with legal, regulatory and risk requirements.
  • Provide our customers the various options i.e. contact telephone numbers, website, and e-mail address to enable them to contact us whenever needed.
  • Provide information about our profit Rates and applicable charges/Fees for the various services and products.
  • Place and display the updated tariff of charges in our branches and our website or through any other channel. 
  • Inform and communicate changes through (Letter / or SMS or other electronic format) to rates and tariff of charges if applicable well in advance prior to the change.
  • Provide upfront details of any future possible profit rate and charges applicable to the products chosen by the customer in a transparent manner.
  • Provide details of our terms and conditions which are applicable for our services and products. 
  • All Terms and Conditions will be fair, equitable, professional manner and will set the customer’s rights and responsibilities clearly and in simple language. We will use legal or technical language only where deemed necessary.
  • Copies of the terms and conditions will be made available in our Branches and on our website.
  • Changes if applicable will be communicated to the customers through (SMS / or electronic format and Our Website) well in advance minim 30 days prior to the changes being implemented.
  • Make sure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, fair, transparent, comprehensive and reasonable and do not misleading any information.
  • Publish the materials in bilingual language.
  • Use different channels print and digital to market and advertise our services.
  • Provide you with various channels i.e. Branch, Call Center and Website to raise your complaints. Suggestion and feedback
  • Responding and handling your complaints promptly. 
  • Advise you of the timeframe to handle and respond to you complaints.
  • Welcoming your complaints, feedback and suggestion and providing with the various channels to share them.
  • Keep and treat all employees and customers details and information as private, confidential and protected all the time by bank.
  • For protecting the customer’s interest and our interest, we may install CCTVs where we deem fit.
  • We will not reveal transaction details of your accounts to a third party, other than in the following  exceptional cases when we are allowed to do:
  • Required by law.
  • If there is a duty towards the public to reveal the information.
  • If our interests require us to give the information (for example, to prevent fraud) but we will not use this as a reason for giving information about you or your accounts (including your name and address) to anyone else.

10.1 Statements:

  1. We will provide our account holders statements at regular intervals to help the customers manage their accounts.
  2. For adhoc statement requests, we will provided the statement and may charge for the service.
  3. Statements can also be requested and generated through our internet or mobile banking application. Mini statements for limited truncations are available through our ATM.
  4. Provide e-statement if the customer requests for the service.

10.2 Deposit Accounts:

  1. Provide details of the features, benefits and associated fees and charge if applicable for the various deposit accounts.
  2. Provide details the basis of the profit calculations and of the frequency of its payment if applicable.
  3. Provide the terms and conditions for the deposit accounts.

10.3 Cash Transactions:

  1. Make all attempts to ensure the correctness of cash dispensed at our counters; the customer is advised to count and ensure correctness before leaving the cash counter.  

10.4 Clearing / Collection Services

  1. Communicate the clearing cycles and the cut-off times, including the withdrawal of money after lodging the collection instruments.
  2. Credit the funds to the account upon realization.
  3. We will take all required steps to follow-up on the realization of cheques and advise our customers of any delays.

10.5 Local and International Payments/Transfers

  1. Provide customer the options and the channels available to send local or international payments/transfers.
  2. Advise the customer the exchange rates applicable, the associated fees and charges and if available the details of oversees charge which will applicable.
  3. Inform and provide details if any local or international payment could not be effected.
  4. Credit promptly inward remittances into the customer account, and to notify customers with details if we are unable to do.

10.6 Foreign Exchange Services

  1. Provide details of the service, exchange rates and charges that apply to foreign exchange transactions which the customer wishes to carry out. If the same is not readily available, we will inform the customer on how the charges will be worked out.
  2. Explain and guide the customer through the process of remitting or transferring funds abroad.
  3. Advise the customer the time required for the transfer to reach the beneficiary, the exchange rates and the fees and charges applicable.
  4. Provide the account holders upon request, details of any remittances received from aboard including the amount, fees and charges (if any).
  5. Guide our customers through regulatory requirements / conditions relating to foreign exchange as and when required.
  6. Prohibited do Foreign Exchange with walk-in customer.

10.7 Cards and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  1. We will send cards to only those customers who request for one or as a replacement.
  2. Provide customers more details of Debit Card / ATM transactions if the account holder is unable to recognize transactions that appear on their on the statements.
  3. For Credit Cards, we dispatch the Card and the PIN separately
  4. The PIN will be sealed and will be not be revealed to delivered anyone else unless authorized by the customer.
  5. Provide our customers the option to activate their Cards through the Call Center or the Branches.
  6. Hand over the Card and PIN to the account holder or the authorized personal as advised by the customer through a written request.

10.8 Standing Instructions:

  1. Process and set-up the customer’s request within the agreed timeframe.
  2. Provide details of the service, exchange rates and charges that apply to foreign exchange transactions which the wishes customer is about to carry out.

10.9 Facilities and Financing:

  1. Prior to extending any facility or financing, we will assess the customer’s ability to repay it as per the CBO guidelines and internal risk policy and procedures.
  2. If the application for a facility or financing is declined, we will provide the reasons upon request.
  3. Provide the terms and conditions of facility or financing requested and upon request copies of the agreements.  
  4. Provide the profit rate and fees and charges associated with the requested facility or financing. 

10.10 Protecting Accounts:

  1. Guide and regularly communicate to our accountholders on ways and means to protect their accounts.
  2. Take steps to immediately block cheque book, ATM /Debit/Credit Card and take steps to try and prevent these from being misused if reported lost or stolen by the customer as provided for in our Terms and Conditions.