To mark and celebrate the 51st National Day with our customers and the community we serve, Alizz Islamic Bank is proud to have launched a special campaign for various products and services offered by the bank.

50 Winners of 1,000 OMR Each with Bushra Prize Savings Account!

Alizz Islamic Bank is pleased to announce that this November Bushra Prize Savings Account will have a special national day draw for 51 lucky customers to win 500 OMR each!

Based on the Shari’a principle of Mudaraba, Bushra Prize Savings Account offers you the best possible returns and the chance to win big cash prizes. Secure your future by saving money with us, while your savings areinvested in Shari'a compliant financing to create the best possible returns. Also, get the chance to be one of our lucky winners with daily draws, weekly draws, monthly draws, quarterly draws, half-yearly draws, annual mega draws and special prizes as hiba (gift) from the shareholder’s funds. To enter the draws, all you need to do is open a Bushra account with a minimum balance of just 100 OMR. So start saving and win big!

The draw will be held on National Day on November 18th 2021 so increase the deposits in your account or open a Bushra prize savings account today!

51 Cash Back Reward amount for the first 500 new to bank 500 customers with a Deposit of OMR 5,000 and above:

First 500 New to Bank (NTB) Bushra customers with a deposit of RO 5,000 and above (Minimum OMR 5,000 to be maintained in the Bushra Savings account for 1 month) in Bushra Prize Saving Account will be rewarded OMR 51

OMR 51 Cash Back Reward amount for the first 500 existing customers with an Incremental Net Deposit growth of OMR 5,000 and above:

First 500 Existing Bushra Customers with an incremental net deposit growth of RO 5,000 and above (Minimum OMR 5,000 incremental fresh deposit to be added and maintained in the Bushra Savings account for 1 month) in Bushra Prize Saving Account will be rewarded with OMR 51

* Terms & Conditions:

Minimum deposit amount is OMR 5,000 (for both NTB/net incremental net deposit growth).

  • Minimum deposit maintenance period (for both NTB/net incremental deposit growth of OMR 5,000 plus should remainin the account) for 1 month.
  • Cash back Reward amount of OMR 51 will be credited to the eligible customers’ accounts, after the completion of the campaign period in the first week of February 2022 (to cover any customers opening account end of December 2021).
  • Both Fresh & net Incremental Deposit growth must be generated from pure credits (i.e. fresh deposits will
    only be considered).
  • Both Fresh & net Incremental Deposit growth generated from internal transfers, salaries, Bushra prizes,& PDMs will be excluded.
  • All the Cash back Reward Amounts under the campaign given to the eligible customers will be Hiba fromshareholders’ fund.

Finance Campaign:

The campaign details are stated below:

Special Finance Rates



Home Finance

Home Finance

  • Including Ready Purchase, Construction Finance & Buy out from other banks.
  • 5.10%

    Personal Finance (Auto Finance & Goods Finance)

    a. Finance Tenure up to 5 years (up to 60 months)


    b. Finance Tenure between 6 -10 years (above 60 months to 120 months)

  • All Auto Finance based on PDCs are at the Rate of 6%.
  • 5.10%

    Terms & Conditions for Financing:

    • Special Rate for Auto/Personal Finance is applicable only for finance tenor up to 5 years (60 months) and any finance cases above 5 years (above 60 months and up to 120 months) - standard financing rate (5.95%) will be applied.
    • Customer’s minimum salary amount, minimum & maximum age criteria, minimum & maximum finance amount, DBR eligibility, FTV%, Employer eligibility, Takaful Contribution and other finance eligibility criteria will be as per bank’s existing policy.

    Campaign Duration:

    This campaign will run from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2021

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