Board of Directors


Mr. Mohamed Al FahimDeputy Chairman


Mr Mohamed Al-Fahim was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. He serves as Head of Finance at the Finance & Accounts Department of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

Mr Al-Fahim commenced his professional career at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), as Head of Group Financing Department. In his role, Mr Al-Fahim focused on the identification and pursuit of investment strategies reflecting a balanced investment portfolio. During that time, Mr Al-Fahim also worked as a corporate finance consultant for KPMG-Dubai and for HSBC Bank at the Project and Export Finance Division-London.

Mr. Al Fahim represents IPIC as a board member on various boards of investee companies, including EDP General and Supervisory Board, Aabar Investments PJS, Arabtec Holdings PJSC, First Energy Bank and UniCredit SpA.

He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Suffolk, Boston, USA.


Mr. Khalifa Al MheiriBoard Member


Mr. Khalifa Al Mheiri was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. He is the CEO of aabar Properties LLC. He is responsible for the leadership of the business and oversees the business strategy and delivery.

Mr. Al Mheiri has a wealth of knowledge across a broad spectrum of areas within the property industry, including Construction, Project Management, Development Management, Funds Management and Asset Management.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Al Mheiri lead the real estate activities at aabar Investments PJS which diversified into residential, commercial and hospitality developments in the UAE. He was also in charge of aabar's Corporate Development & Strategy including commercial evaluation and the monitoring of company performance. Mr. Al Mheiri is a member of the boards of Dead Sea Resort, Amman, Jordan and Arabtec Holding PJSC.

Mr. Al Mheiri worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) for three years.

Mr. Al Mheiri holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Saint Martine University, Washington, USA.


Mr. Ahmed Al KhonjiBoard Member


Mr. Ahmed Al Khonji was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. He is the Managing Director of Al Khonji Group, a company with investments in the retail, trading and real estate development and management.

Mr. Al Khonji has a career spanning over twenty years holding key positions in Omani health policy strategic planning.

Aligned to the values of islamic banking, Mr. Al Khonji adds an exceptional socially inclusive mandate to the banks board through an extensive career honed within the health care, investment and commerce sectors of Oman.

Mr. Al Khonji's other remits within a community context include Board positions on the Road Safety Association and The Oman Association of Consumer Protection, and the Chairman of the Omani Sport for all Committee.

Mr. Al Khonji holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Northern Colorado, USA as well as a Master in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.


Mr. Shabib Al DarmakiBoard Member


Mr. Shabib Al Darmaki was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. He is currently Director General of the Civil Service Employees Pension Fund in Oman, as well as Board Director of key institutions that benefit from his vast knowledge and experience in finance, audit and pension fund management. These firms range from Shell Oman, National Investment Funds Company, Oman Housing Bank and Al Batinah Hotels, where Mr. Al Darmaki utilises an intrinsic understanding of business strategies that align financial goals in an islamic setting.

Honed from a highly impressive career in finance and audit, Mr. Al Darmaki provides insight and guidance to the Board of Directors of Alizz Islamic Bank, thus strengthening the bank's leadership and governance.

Building on the strongest of financial and business foundations, Mr. Al Darmaki brings to the Board of Alizz Islamic Bank an enviable reputation and financial acuity that strengthens the pillars of the bank in its regional goal to provide a pure islamic Shar'ia compliant corporate and personal service. Mr. Al Darmaki's experience will assist the bank in its goals to adopt and implement a range of new products and services that meet the needs of the customers through challenging existing banking principles.

Mr. Al Darmaki holds a Master of Science in Accounting from Oklahoma City University, USA as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business from Hilwan University, Cairo, Egypt.


Mr. Mohammed Shukri GhanemVice Chairman


Mr. Mohamed Ghanem was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. He brings over 12 years of extensive experience in the regional financing market and in global energy issues as the Chief Executive Officer of First Energy Bank. He is responsible for the overall management of the organisation in line with the organisations strategic plan and also responsible for monitoring organisational performance against the strategic plan, working with staff to stay on target and looking ahead to the long-term development of the organisation operationally and strategically.

In addition to the CEO role, he has the overall responsibility for the investment and investment placement functions at FEB, including the design and implementation of investment processes for all clients as well as marketing and product placement. He provides high-level strategic investment advice including the investment processes and the additional asset classes and investment vehicles across the entire client base. He is also responsible for expanding the client base by ensuring the investment strategy is solid and sustainable.

Prior to joining First Energy Bank, Mr. Ghanem worked at Arab Banking Corporation (BSC) ("ABC") as part of the North African business development team at the Global Project and Structured Finance division. He was responsible for the development and origination of advisory assignments throughout North Africa for the corporation, covering the oil, oil field, natural gas and power generation segments of the energy market. Mr. Ghanem also worked with GED Handles G.m.b.H., Vienna in the risk and asset management in the energy and metals sectors. He worked in the trading department as a Senior Trader specializing in oil futures and options.

Mr. Ghanem holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Webster University (School of Business and Technology) in Vienna and holds an MBA from Glamorgan University.


Mr. Malcolm McKinnonBoard Member


Mr. Malcolm McKinnon was elected as a Board Member at Alizz Islamic Bank in April 2013. Mr. Malcolm McKinnon is the Deputy General Counsel of the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), a wholly owned investment company of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Prior to joining IPIC, Mr. McKinnon practiced law with a leading international law firm in its London and Abu Dhabi offices. Mr. McKinnon sits on the board of a number of IPIC portfolio companies.

Mr. McKinnon holds a Bachelor of Law Honours degree from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Mr. Mohamed Rashed Al Hurr Al SuwaidiBoard Member


Mr. Mohamed RashedAlhurr Al Suwaidi was elected Alizz Islamic Bank's board member in March 2016. Mr. Al Suwaidi has extensive experience in investments, portfolio and equity management.

Before Alizz Islamic Bank, Mr. Al Suwaidi worked with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in the UAE. There, he was part of the internal equity department for 3 years, with his key portfolio markets being Latin America and Australia. He also was involved with external equity for a further 3 years, and his area under scope included Europe and other emerging markets.

Mr. Al Suwaidi has also worked for the International Petroleum Investments Company (IPIC) in their investment department, where he gained valuable experience in energy and related sectors. He was also the Portfolio Manager and a member of the executive team of Aabar Investments. Mr. Al Suwaidiholds a Bachelor of Science - Honours with specialization in Technology and E-Commerce.


Mr. Obaid Hilal Obaid Mohamed Al KaabiBoard Member


Mr. Obaid Hilal Obaid Mohamed Al Kaabi was elected Alizz Islamic Bank's board member in March 2016.

Mr. Al Kaabi is a Retired Officer from the UAE Armed Forces and has an educational background as a Bachelor of Military Sciences and Management. Besides his extensive and proud experience in the Armed Forces, he has also worked as the Director General of United International for Companies Representation and the Director General of Business Support at Das.


Mr. Saleh bin Nasser Al Araimi Chairman


Mr. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Araimi was elected Alizz Islamic Bank's board member in March 2016. Mr. Al Araimi is a seasoned and experienced professional. Before joining Alizz Islamic Bank, he was the General Manager of the Public Authority for Social Insurance - a place where he worked for almost 20 years. Mr Al Araimi also held the position of Acting CEO and Deputy CEO.

Mr. Al Araimi also worked for close to 20 years at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (now called the Ministry of Social Development) - where he held a number of positions including the Director General of Social Affairs and GM - Administration & Finance to name a few. Mr. Al Araimi has also handled various roles in banks and investment companies including BankDhofar, Oman Housing Bank, Oman Development Bank, Oman Integrated Tourism Fund, Bank Muscat, National Investment Funds Company (NIFCO) and Mazoon First Investment Fund.

He has further held various roles of responsibility in private sector companies, such as Al Sharqiya University, Oman Fisheries, Shell Marketing Company and Oman Cement Company. Plus he also has experience in working with international organisations such as the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Geneva and the Arabian Gulf Development Fund (AGFUND) in KSA.

Mr. Al Araimi holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Cairo, besides an Executive MBA from the University of Lincoln, UK and a Higher Diploma in Management.


Ms. Najah Al Rashdi Board Member


Najah has 20 years of work experience. She is the Assistant Secretary General at The Research Council (TRC) for Admin and Finance. With her outstanding Management, Communication and Negotiating skills, Najah has proven record in different fields of expertise including Projects Mngt., Operations, Finance, budgeting, HR, Stakeholder Engagement, and Audit and Compliance. She is a member of the TRC’s Executive Management team and several other committees.

Previously Najah worked at the Diwan of Royal Court (DRC). She worked in various departments and held many senior positions. She started at the Finance department then was involved in many infrastructure and developmental projects of the country working closely with Muscat Municipality and The Royal Estates. She became a member of many of those project committees. She gradually became the head of the DRC’s Planning and Studies department, which looked into many of the Financing, investments and risk management aspects at DRC. She then moved to the Auditing sector where she had contributions in the area of Audit and Compliance.

Najah was also involved in many human resource related activities inside and outside of her work places. She has conducted several soft skills training and workshops on different areas of work ethics, transformation, innovative work practices, positivity ..etc.

Najah has an MBA degree from Lincoln University, UK . BA (honors) in Accountancy and Management from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, and is a member of the Oman Business Forum as she has graduated of the National Leadership & Competencies Program (NLCP) – First Cohort.


H.H. Sayyid Taimur Bin As'ad Bin Tarik Al SaidChairman


His Highness Sayyid Taimur Bin As'ad Bin Tarik Al Said was elected Chairman of Alizz Islamic Bank in November 2012. In his capacity, His Highness aims to work closely with the Board of Directors and Management Team to establish a solid framework for islamic finance in the Sultanate of Oman.

Guided by the Bank's core values of Community, Respect, Relationships and Pride, His Highness envisions Alizz Islamic Bank to become a progressive, open-minded, modern and uniquely Omani bank, a bank holding the same islamic values that bind the community we serve.

Alizz Islamic Bank aims to ensure that every product, solution or service is centered around our customer needs. To that end, the bank will adopt advanced and superior technologies, innovative systems and efficient processes to enhance the customer experience.

With a proven track record in the business and financial services sectors, His Highness has served on the Board of Directors of Bank Dhofar and currently holds the position of Assistant Secretary General for International Relations at The Research Council in Oman. As an active member of the community, His Highness takes great pride in his role as the Honorary President of the Omani Diabetes Association.

An advocate of innovation and entrepreneurship, His Highness continuously seeks to unlock the potential of young people by empowering them with the means to develop their skills and capacities. He believes that investing in youth today will reap great rewards in the future.


Mr Saleh bin Nasser Al Araimi


Mr Hani Muhammad Al Zubair
Vice Chairman


Mr Firas Jaser Zayyad
Board Member


Mr Iyad Ghasoub Asali
Board Member


Mr Rashad Ali Al Musafir
Board Member


Mr Sanjay Kawatra
Board Member


Ms. Najah Al Rashdi
Board Member