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We in Alizz Islamic Bank are proud to offer you a wide range of innovative Sharia compliant Commercial Finance to help you reach your financial goals.

The Bank offers Sharia compliant Commercial Finance products so that you may acquire all types of commercial goods / equipment/ vehicles / real estate approved for their use under the Islamic contracts of Murabaha, DM Ijarah and Forward Ijarah.

The Commercial Finance under Murabaha is designed to help you finance your business requirements like, vehicles, Construction materials, Commercial land, and other commercial equipment. Using the Islamic principle of 'Murabaha' you can acquire variety of equipment and goods from us at the most competitive prices.

Commercial Finance DM Ijarah is designed to help you finance your business requirement like purchasing properties, building and even financing for future constructed asset based on Forward Ijarah at the most competitive prices.

  • Open to Omani Nationals working in Government/ Semi Government and Private Sector
  • Minimum Salary of 500 RO for Govt. & Semi Govt. sector and 750 RO for those working in the Private Sector
  • Attractive Profit Rates
  • Easy processing & simple documentation
  • Mandatory Salary Transfer
  • Age for availing the finance Min 21 yrs. and Max 60 yrs.
  • Finance Amount (Murabaha) – Vehicles and Equipment & Goods Min: 5,000 and Max100,00 RO
  • Finance Amount (Murabaha) – Land Min: 25,000 RO and Max 250,000 RO
  • Finance Amount (Diminishing Musharaka / Ijarah)- Min 50,000 and Max: 700,000
  • Tenor for Murabaha: 7 yrs. & DM Ijarah 9 yrs (excluding 12 months construction period).
  • Financing to value - Commercial equipment / Vehicle / Real Estate : 80%  ; and for Goods 100%

Murabaha: Under the Murabaha principle, the bank will at the customer's request purchase the asset from the seller, and then sell the same to the customer at an agreed profit. The advantage is that you know the bank's profit and installment at the time of signing the deal, and it never changes throughout the financing term. This arrangement allows for immediate possession & ownership of the asset.

Ijarah Muntahia Bitamleek: Our Commercial Finance Ijarah is based on the Sharia principle of Ijarah. In this contract, the customer is given the right to use or lease the property for a period of time' the owner retains the ownership of the assets. Under Ijarah commercial financing, Alizz Islamic Bank buys the property from the developer/seller and leases it out to the customer with a promise to sell at the end of the lease term.

Forward Ijarah: based on the Sharia principle of Forward Ijarah, the property, which does not exist at the time of signing the Forward Ijarah Contract, may be acquired by the bank under Istisna Sale Contract with a developer/contractor. Upon completion of construction, the property is delivered to the customer as per the terms of the lease agreement. At the end of the lease term (i.e. on maturity), provided all obligations under Forward Ijarah Contract are met, the bank will transfer the ownership of the property to the customer for a token sale price under a separate sale contract. Customer can choose to start rent payment either advance rental during construction or rent after the delivery of property.

Approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board

All Alizz Islamic Bank products and services are approved by Shari'a Supervisory Board.