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Alizz Islamic Bank’s Sharia-compliant Titanium and Platinum credit cards allow all bank customers to enjoy a world of exclusive privileges and benefits.

Alizz Islamic Bank was the first Islamic bank in the Sultanate to launch shari’a complaint credit cards with the aim of strengthening its pioneer role in providing modern banking options and cutting-edge products.

The cards are designed based on the highest quality standards to meet customers’ diverse needs and allow cardholders to have access to airport lounges around the globe.

Customer can also avail special discounts in different restaurants in the Sultanate as well as across the Middle East and Africa as well as premium protection against fraudulent transactions and the cards provide clients with a range of discount offers at various stores in over 19 countries and 6 % off for shopping at Cardholders who are planning to travel can get a discount of up to 30 % if they make a flight reservation on .

Through Titanium and Platinum credit cards, customers can enjoy a safe and premium online shopping experience, thanks to the new enhanced 3D Secure feature, which is an authentication payment system that uses a One-Time-PIN (OTP) to authenticate the cardholder’s purchase. The product is approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board and the Central Bank of Oman.

All credit cards are based on the Islamic concept of ‘Qard Hasan’ (interest-free loan), which is adopted by numerous leading Islamic banks all over the world and applied to all credit card products. A customer can pay the amount shown in the credit card statement of account at the end of the month or settle it in form of deferred installments according to minimum payment option.