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Reaffirming its position of developing local talent in the banking sector, Alizz Islamic Bank’s Human Resources Division has announced promotions of its two employees to senior management positions.

The promotions executed by the bank included the promotion of Mr Murtadha Jawad Al Lawati to AGM Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications and the promotion of Mr Saleh Mubarak Al Khaduri to AGM Head of Government & Institutional Banking.

These promotions strongly emphasise Alizz Islamic Bank’s commitment to increasing its Omani workforce in senior positions in line with CBO guidelines and to developing career opportunities for advancing Omani nationals. , These efforts include the development of various programmes for Omanis, whether they are newly graduates or existing employees in the field of Islamic banking. The Human Resources Division of the bank provides staff with all the necessary training and development needed for their career progression to equip them with the knowledge and skills to excel in the Islamic banking sector.

Mohammed Al Balushi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Alizz Islamic Bank said: “We introduced the competency framework and integrated it with the Performance Management System to ensure leadership of the Bank's performance based on actual business needs. The Human Resources Division works hard and hands on hands with the senior management team to ensure that the Bank's recruitment selection process is independent, fair and transparent. It aims to select the most suitable fit individuals who meet the requirements of positions and demonstrate their ability to absorb the culture of Islamic banking, as well as their ability to demonstrate the core values ​​of Alizz Islamic Bank. The Bank will continue to function as an efficient and effective organisation using technological tools, streamlining processes and attracting and retaining the best talent. We are confident that this approach will provide us with a significant competitive advantage for our long-term growth and success.”

He concluded by saying that while the Bank is achieving reasonable growth in core business, it places great importance on a strong risk management framework and governance to ensure sustainability and quality of its assets .

The Bank has dedicated most of its investments to the development of human capital and to adopt the latest technologies that guarantee the provision of exceptional and fast customer service.