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Alizz Islamic Bank Celebrates Oman’s 47the National Day

MUSCAT, Sultanate of Oman : As one of the first full-fledged Islamic banks in Oman, Alizz Islamic Bank joined the nation in celebrating the 47th Oman National Day at its headquarters in CBD and at its branches across the nation. On the occasion, the bank's top management and staff members rededicated their service to the nation, pledgingAlizz Islamic Bank's focused effortsto contribute to the Sultanate's progress.

AlizzIslamic Bank organised a number of activities to mark the event, which is commemorated on November 18th every year.The participants declared their loyalty to the country's leadership with the proclamation, 'Long Live the Great Leader His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said', and the singing of the national anthem.

"During theblessed era of progress under His Majesty's leadership, the Sultanate hasattained a prestigious position in the international arena, and has become a role model on the principles of friendly relations. Today our country enjoys peace and security as a result of His Majesty's wise leadership and farsighted vision, enabling it to focus on sustained development at all levels," said Moosa Al-Jadidi, Chief Operating Officer, Alizz Islamic Bank.

"With its secure environment, solid infrastructure and strategic five-year plans, the country has managed to attract significant foreign investments and implement projects contributing to the national economic diversification plans in line with His Majesty's vision"Al-Jadidi noted."The leadership vision has also enabled the Sultanate to create new job opportunities for young Omani men and women and inspire their participation in nation building process" Al-Jadidi added.

"Today as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of His Majesty,it is our responsibility as Omani people to put in our best efforts to achieve his vision and safeguard the nation's valuable achievements to help the future generation of Omanis achieve excellence at the global level. On this occasion, as one of Oman's first full-fledged Islamic banks, we at Alizz Islamic Bankpledge allegiance to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and express our gratitude for his leadership. We take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the country's service and vow to uphold its position as a beacon of peace," Al-Jadidi stated.