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Alizz Islamic Bank will be conducting the Bushra Prize Savings Account Grand Draw of 100,000 OMR

Alizz Islamic Bank will be conducting the Bushra Prize Savings Account Grand Draw of 100,000 OMR at Barka Public Park on Friday January 18th 2019 in the presence of senior executives from the bank.

Reinforcing the bank’s position as one for the most innovative banks in the Sultanate various other Bushra draws will be conducted such as the annual draw for 5 winners of 10,000 OMR each, the Quarterly draw of 50,000 OMR for 1 Winner, the monthly draw of 25,000 OMR for 1 winner and many more other draws.

Based on the Shari’a principle of Mudaraba, Bushra Prize Savings Account offers you the best possible returns and the chance to win big cash prizes. Secure your future by saving money with us, while your savings are invested in Shari'a compliant financing to create the best possible returns. Also, get the chance to be one of our lucky winners with daily draws, weekly draws, monthly draws, quarterly draws, annual mega draws and special prizes as hiba (gift) from the shareholder’s funds. To enter the draws, all you need to do is open a Bushra account with a minimum balance of just 100 OMR.

Amongst the benefits of Bushra Prize Savings Account are the minimum balance required to enter the draws which is just 100 OMR, instant issuance of the debit card within minutes of opening the account, a range of discounts at a number of retail and dining outlets across the Sultanate. Bushra Prize Savings Account customers also receive expected profit on their savings and the chance to enter the draws. The profit is given out on monthly basis while the draws happen Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly half yearly and annually.

Speaking on the upcoming grand draw at Barka Public Park, Moosa Al Jadidi, Chief Operating Officer of Alizz Islamic Bank said: The Daily draw has a total prize value of 1,000 OMR distributed among ten people with each winner receiving 100 OMR, while the weekly draw has the total value of 5,000 OMR , with ten winners receiving 500 OMR each. The monthly draw is worth 25,000 OMR given to one winner in addition to the special monthly draw for women with 10 female winners of 500 OMR each and the special monthly branches draw with 1 winner from each branch winning 1,000 OMR each. The quarterly draw is for 5,000 OMR for 5 winners with a special draw in Q1 and Q3 of 50,000 OMR for one winner. There is also a half-yearly prize for one winner of 75,000 OMR. The grand prize is worth 100,000 OMR for one lucky winner with an additional 50,000 OMR for 5 winners of 10,000 OMR each. All of the cash prizes are hiba (gift) from the shareholder’s funds and all the customer has to do to enter all these draws is to maintain a minimum balance of 100 OMR in his Bushra account.