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Alizz Islamic Bank is pleased to present to you the  2017 Ramadan Campaign ‘Sharing the blessings of Ramadan’

This is a complete product portfolio campaign which covers a host of products

The different offerings under this campaign are as follows:

  1. Auto Finance With 2 Month Deferred Payment Scheme

If you are planning to buy a car, this is the right time to close the deal. Alizz Islamic Bank is introducing attractive Auto Finance Deals to all our Auto Finance customers buying New or Used cars. Buy your Dream Car this Ramadan with Alizz Islamic Bank. Get Attractive Profit Rates and a chance to avail the auto finance now but begin paying your installments after 2 months! To help serve you better our Wattayah Branch operates from 9am-1pm and from 8pm-11pm. Apply Today!

  1. Bushra Prize Savings Account: More than 300 Bushra winners this month ! We will be increasing the number of daily winners of 100 OMR from 5 to 15 winners !
  1. Hasalti Children’s Savings Account: More than 20 winners in Ramadan ! We will be increasing the number of monthly winners in Ramadan from 5 to 25 winners  each getting a cash prize of OMR 100!
  1. Credit Cards: Get your Credit Card with No Annual Fees for the 1st Year ! When you get your Credit Card this month from Alizz Islamic Bank you don’t have to pay the Annual fee for the first year!
  1. Home Finance, Personal Finance and Land Murabaha With Attractive Profit Rates

You also have the opportunity to avail home finance, personal finance and Land Murabaha from Alizz Islamic Bank during Ramadan with very attractive profit rates.

Alizz Islamic Bank is pleased to present to you the 'Cards Summer Campaign'.  

Win your transaction bank- By spending 10 OMR or more using your Alizz Islamic Bank cards you will get a chance to win your transaction up to 300 OMR back.

You can pay for shopping, use your cards while travelling, pay utility bills, shop online, dine out or utilize your cards for various other purchases.

For every 10 OMR spent locally you will get one chance to enter the draw and for every 10 OMR spent internationally or online you will get two chances to enter the draw. There will be 30 Winners every month and this campaign will run till 30th August 2017.